Outdoor Kiosk Type Switchgear The Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker Kiosk Type Switchgear can be directly installed at site on a plinth. Only the power and control cable connections need to be made up to the kiosk. This is a totally enclosed construction with IP55 degree of protection. The VCB can be fixed or drawout type. The CTs, PTs and relay control panel is included in the kiosk. Depending upon the site requirement, the power supply can be taken through the roof bushings or cable box or a combination of roof bushing and cable box. Operating safety to personnel is ensured through appropriate interlocks. Interlocks with upstream/down stream isolators also can be provided. Brief Data: Rated Voltage: 12KV, 24KV & 36 KV Rated Current: 630A up to 1250A Rated short time withstand current (3 s): 25KA Rated Frequency : 50/60 Hz