Indoor Medium Voltage Switchgear Panels It is of Metal clad construction wherein all the compartments are segregated from each other with metal sheets. They are designed and Type tested as per IEC 62271-200 &60694/IS:3427. The panels are dust & vermin proof with IP4X degree of protection externally. As an option we can provide IP5X degree of protection. The Switchgear cubicle is made of CRCA steel. The main load bearing members are 2.5mm thick and others are 2.0mm thick. The pre-painting treatment is done in a seven-tank process ; then it is powder coated with epoxy paint coated . The Switchgear cubicle is designed for accommodating withdrawable type circuit breaker. Independent exhaust vents are provided for all HT compartments to facilitate release of gas in the unlikely event of excess pressure. Brief Data: Rated Voltage : 12KV up to 36 KV Rated Current : 630A up to 4000A Rated Breaking Current: 16KA up to 50 KA Rated short time withstand current (3 s): 16KA up to 40KA Rated Frequency : 50/60 Hz The normal service performances are guaranteed under the following conditions: Minimum Ambient Temperature : -5oC Maximum Ambient Temperature : +40oC Maximum Relative Humidity : 95% Withdrawable Vacuum Circuit Breakers can be provided upto voltage level . Withdrawable SF6 Breakers can also be provided for 36KV voltage level.